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Steinway Model 1098  – Consignment Sale

Bought new (Ottawa) in 2013- Excellent condition
Single owner, tuned and maintained twice annually
Includes Steinway adjustable concert bench


At forty-six and one half inches high, Steinway’s “Professional” upright has been widely used in the most demanding institutional settings for many decades. Its Accelerated Action is amazingly responsive, due in part to a unique design feature that uses the force of gravity to bring the hammers back to their rest position—which is something found only in Steinway vertical pianos. It also features Steinway’s massive and strategically placed backposts, which ensure the structural integrity of the instrument by handling the tremendous tension with complete efficiency. Extremely popular in conservatories and schools of music, this is a beautiful and impressive piano that will enrich the lives of its owners for generations.
Height:46 1/2″ (118 cm)
Width:58 3/8″ (148 cm)
Depth:25″ (64 cm)
Weight:480 pounds (218 kg)