Roland GP607

A mini grand piano that sparks creativity and complements your living space

If you’ve longed to own a grand piano but were discouraged by the cost or weight, then the Roland GP607 could be the perfect addition to your home. A stylish digital mini grand piano in polished ebony or white, the GP607 pays homage to the classic grand piano form with an imposing-yet-graceful design. And although its appearance is traditional, explore a little deeper and you’ll discover the very latest technology. Bluetooth® connectivity lets you wirelessly stream songs from your tablet/phone through the GP607’s powerful 4.1 multi-channel speakers, filling your room with rich, clear sound.

Roland GP607 Features

The GP607 combines Roland’s flagship piano sound and key action in an elegant grand piano cabinet, all at an affordable price. Whether the demand is for a stunning centre piece with additional features or an exceptional piano sound and touch, the GP607 ticks all of the boxes and includes a ten-year warranty.

For a pianist who demands authentic and expressive key action, the GP607 uses the premium PHA-50 keybed, which combines the natural touch of a wooden key with the reliability and low maintenance of modern materials.

The 4.1 multi-channel speaker system in the GP607 replicates every nuance of an acoustic piano, and makes a powerful system for music playback in a home or venue. It is housed in a mini grand piano cabinet that has been designed with meticulous attention to detail and is available in a polished black and polished white finish.

Through Bluetooth technology, the GP607 can perform a multitude of functions for pianists and non-pianists. Wirelessly streaming music through the substantial speakers system on the piano; using the piano pedals to wirelessly turn the page of your digital sheet music; all this can be done without the need for any cables. By using the free Roland Piano Designer app, you can customise your piano sound to suit any performance or playing style.


  • Action: PHA-50 Keyboard, wood and plastic hybrid structure that is progressively weighted with escapement
  • No of Internal Sounds: 307
  • Polyphony: Limitless
  • Speaker System: 4.1 multi-channel system
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Pedals: Progressive damper, soft pedal, sostenuto assignable to alternative functions
  • Finishes: Polished ebony, polished white and contemporary black
  • Extra features: 10-year warranty, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth MIDI, Twin Piano mode, USB to computer, Piano Designer app